ProfiOffice Paper Shredder Alligator 617 CC up to 17 Sheet cross-cut CD-shredding 91928 GDNWJBOEP

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Digital control unitEnhanced powerful motor for continued shredding at maximum capacity up to 8 minutesStops operating and signals optically when waste bin is full

The Alligator 617 CC+ has been conceived for office use by up to 3 people. This device shreds up to 17 tacked or untacked sheets (80g/m2). The paper will be shredded into 4x44mm confetti. CD's and Credit Cards will be shred one per pass into 3 parts. The maximum non-stop usage time is 8 minutes. The device should then cool down for 40 minutes. The maximum noise level is 70dB. The waste bin has a capacity of 23 litres. The optical bin full sensor automatically signal the need of dumping by light up of the power switch. The shredding machanism is covered by a 5-year warranty. Confetti cut ensures that your data remain secure and will not be stolen. Every day important information and documentation go through our hands, at work and at home. More often than not, they simply end up in the paper basket. Data storage media such as CDs and credit cards are also often thrown away with regular waste. This is ideal for data thieves! You should destroy your documents and data before disposing of them. We help you to do so with our wide range of document shredders: whether for the occasional shredding of bank statements, credit or debit card receipts, documents with personal signatures, documents including e. g. your customer number, tax returns, your medical data or your correspondence with lawyers or administrative offices; or for the daily shredding of personal data, quote drafts, operation data, budget planning's, computer listings, printouts from your PC, pay slips, annual financial reports, design and development documents, bank statements, conceptual ideas and strategic considerations, personal documentation, personal or confidential memos, sales statistics, contracts or contract drafts as well as confidential messages. For each practice, ProfiOffice offers the right device.

ProfiOffice Paper Shredder Alligator 617 CC up to 17 Sheet cross-cut CD-shredding 91928 GDNWJBOEP

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